A new toilet makes a big difference in your bathroom and your house’s aesthetics. It should fit in the chosen location considering the room style and connect perfectly to your plumbing system. Whether you are renovating the whole place or replacing old equipment, installation is a crucial part.

That is why it is always a good idea to hire a company that knows how to work with different makes and models for residential properties. Each unit requires a specific installation procedure to guarantee safe and leak-free use. Newer-style toilets can differ considerably in terms of the flushing design and parts.

We install all types of toilets, pick yours:

  • Comfort-height toilets
  • Pressure-assisted toilets
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • One-piece toilets
  • Two-piece toilets
  • Wall-hanging toilets

Signs of Toilet Repair:

  • Running Toilet
  • Moving Toilet
  • Cracked Toilet Seat
  • Bubbling Toilet
  • Trouble Flushing
  • Slow Toilet
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Sewage smells near the toilet
  • Loose Toilet Seat
  • Corroded Flush Handle

At the first indication of any of these warning signs, call KBR Plumbing. We have you covered! Our team will install a new toilet, fix leaks and other problems and, respond to call-outs.

At KBR Plumbing, we have qualified and certificated installers ready to assist you every step of the way. Our well-equipped professionals will guarantee fast and effective resolutions for your needs. Contact us today and have your toilet installed or repaired with premium quality!

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