Is your water bill higher then normal ???

Maybe you notice wet spots on the walls near the floors due to water leaks,

KBR Pluming LLC offers leak detection services. When you have a higher then normal water bill or see water coming from the floor, that is a indicator that you have a water leak, either in the wall or under the slab of your house. KBR Plumbing will help to locate the leak and then we'll go over the options you have for fixing it. We can also help you with your water company to possibly get your account credited, due to that leak.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage & Leaks

We have the right tools and also the knowledge of great technology so that you will  always be able to keep track of your water usage.  You can monitor this with your smart phone se see if you have any water leaks.  You will be able to tell if your toilet, shower or sink is leaking. You can also see if you have a small water leak compared to a burst water pipe somewhere in or under the home. This knowledge will give you a heads up and allow you to shut off your water before more damage is done or before you get one of those REALLY BIG water bills.